The Go Deep Broadcast

"Go Deep with Bruce Rave" is a current music show featuring emerging rock. Here are the playlists. Show links from past KX 93.5 programs, along with similar playlists, can be found here. Please contact Bruce with any questions about these shows.

Go Deep w/ Bruce Rave, March 23-24
aired on March 24th, 2019
The Jins - She Said (Single)
Arcade Fire - Baby Mine (From "Dumbo" S/T)
The Cranberries - Wake Me When It's Over ("In the End")
Kiwi Jr - Salary Man ("Football Money")
LCD Soundsystem - Seconds (Human League cover from "Electric Lady Sessions")
The Chemical Brothers - MAH ("No Geography")
Teenage Bottlerocket - Everything to Me ("Stay Rad!")
Beirut - Landslide ("Gallipoli")
Broken Social Scene - Boyfriends (Single)
The Dandy Warhols - Motor City Steel ("Why You So Crazy")
Piroshka - What's Next ("Brickbat")
Ex Hex - Cosmic Cave ("It's Real")
Calpurnia - Call (Single)
The Priests - The Seduction of Kansas ("The Seduction of Kansas")
Jonathan Rice - Below the Deck (Single)
The Budos Band - Old Engine Oil ("V")
Fontaines D.C. - Big (Single)
Nancy - I'm Not Getting Sober, I'm Just Getting Older ("Mysterious Visions")
Roman Lewis - Ways (Single)
Pond - Sixteen Days ("Tasmania")
Better Oblivion Community Center - Dylan Thomas (Single)
Stereophonics - Chaos From the Top Down (Single)
Gang of Four - Paper Thin ("Happy Now")
Tame Impala - Patience (Single)
Johnny Marr - Armatopia (Single)
Karen O and Danger Mouse - Turn the Light ("Lux Prima")
Foster the People - Style (Single)
Rat Boy - Chip On My Shoulder ("Internationally Unknown")
Two Door Cinema Club - Talk (Single)
Nrvs Lvrs - Whatever and Ever (Single)
The Faint - Quench the Flame ("Egowerk")
Stephen Malkmus - Come Get Me ("Groove Denied")
Corella - Let On (Single)
Weezer - Happy Together (Turtles cover from "Teal" - Sun @ Alliant Energy Center)
Jenny Lewis - Just One of the Guys ("The Voyager" - Wed @ The Sylvee)
Mumford and Sons - Beloved (Single - Sat @ Kohl Center)
Cat Power f/ Lana Del Rey - Woman ("Wanderer" - Sat @ Kohl Center)
Pixies - Talent ("Head Carrier" - Sun @ Alliant Energy Center)
The Dunts - Ride the Wave (Single)
Nick Waterhouse - Black Glass ("Nick Waterhouse")
Sybling - The Grim ("Sybling")
Cassia - Small Spaces ("Replica")
The Drums - 626 Bedford Avenue ("Brutalism")
Doomsquad - General Hum ("Let Yourself Be Seen")
White Lies - Jo ("Five")
Pup - Free At Last (Single)
Tacocat - Grains of Salt ("This Mess Is a Place")
Tullycraft - Passing Observations ("The Railway Prince Hotel")
Ten Fe - Won't Happen ("Future Perfect, Present Tense")